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We are holding on to Zomato, there is still tremendous potential: Sanjeev Bikhchandani

The Times of India 26 Jul 2021
’s first cheque of Rs 4.7 crore in 2010 and was its sole investor in the first four funding rounds ... Great companies do that for their investors ... The credit goes to the Zomato team and not to us – they make us look like smart investors ... This is profound wisdom from one of India’s smartest investors.

Understand risks well before you decide to hop on to the IPO bandwagon

Live Mint 15 Jul 2021
These IPOs have gotten a lot of investor interest because funds are being raised for startups that many investors are very familiar with ... These are some of the smartest investors on the planet and have a very deep understanding of their own company ... And, more important, is this edge enough to give the new investor profits on their investments?.

Shipping Futures Power Top ETF Performer

Hellenic Shipping News Worldwide 13 Jul 2021
With hindsight in mind, the smartest reopening play for ETF ...

Why Goldman Sachs thinks these 32 stocks are very attractive

Yahoo Daily News 12 Jul 2021
Being a successful investor this coming earnings season may be as easy as paying attention to companies with the best potential to expand profit margins amidst the current bout of inflation across spectrums such as raw materials and labor, Goldman Sachs reasons. . The smartest investors in the game appear to already be placing that bet.

Can Smart Beta investing prove to be better than active management?

The Times of India 04 Jul 2021
As traditional investments become a less efficient way of growing wealth, investors expect a lot more from their investments, advisors and funds managers. We’re all looking at the smartest ways of preserving and nurturing our wealth and today’s investor has access to exciting new avenues.

Pricing carbon can help solve the infrastructure funding dilemma

The Hill 24 Jun 2021
“It sits alongside investor and ethical pressure by actually putting a value on the carbon contained in imports.”. What’s the smartest step that Congress can take? More than 3,500 economists, including 28 Nobel laureates and several past chairmen of the President’s Council of ...

Fidelity Wants to Ride the Growth in Sustainable Investing. The Biden Administration Could Help.

Barrons 17 Jun 2021
Jim Lowell, chief investment officer of Newton, Mass.-based Adviser Investments and editor of Fidelity Investor and Fidelity Sector Investor, says Fidelity “may be late to the ESG room, but I’d argue that they’re the smartest ESG player in that room … and that that room is likely ...

4 Ways to Grow $100,000 into $1 Million for Retirement Savings

The Times & Democrat 26 May 2021
(James Brumley) ... Here are four possible paths to take, from smartest to craziest. 1 ... Indeed, stock investors can swap out a portfolio's holdings as often as they want in order to grow it. This reliable liquidity makes the stock market the smartest growth option for most investors that can't devote a full-time effort to turning $100,000 into $1 million.

When Your Ego Sabotages Your Investing

Yahoo Daily News 14 May 2021
The Great Financial Crisis was a blow to investors’ confidence, and it kept many of them out of the market for years. But in 2020, we saw millennials and younger investors ... Even the smartest investors know their strengths and weaknesses ... Everybody can be an investor.

Carriage Services Announces Closing of Senior Notes Offering and New Intrinsic Value Roughly ...

Tyler Morning Telegraph 14 May 2021
So if the smartest bond investors price so little risk premium into our eight year senior notes compared to the ten year notes of SCI, why do equity investors currently price into our common shares a risk premium of over 500 basis points in the form of a Free Cash Flow Equity ...

Huma, which uses AI and biomarkers to monitor patients and for medical research, raises $130M

Crunch 12 May 2021
... be very long plays, the last year has shown not just how vital it is to invest in the smartest of these to see out their ambitions for the greater good of all of us, but that, when they do have their breakthroughs, it can prove to be a huge thing for the companies and investors.

ESG investing: 3 of the smartest ways for me to get involved right now

The Motley Fool 04 May 2021
There’s nothing wrong with this, but as an investor I could get enhanced returns from buying shares in a company that can more readily show improvement from the angle of ESG ... Given the trend of ESG investing, I expect more companies to actively make changes to appeal to this portion of investors.

On Warren Buffett's relationship with Charlie Munger

Yahoo Daily News 01 May 2021
Carol also told me, “John Loomis came home from Omaha saying, ‘I think I just met the smartest investor in the country’—and I no doubt thought that was one of those exaggerations that husbands fall into ... realized this guy really must be the smartest investor in the country.".

This Private-Equity Giant Is Near Its High. It Still Has Room to Run.

Barrons 29 Apr 2021
The phrase traditionally means that investors should buy hot stocks that have a history of outperforming the market ... Think of ways to invest alongside the smartest investors—those who can best handle a sudden change in fortune—such as KKR (KKR).

10 Best Cryptocurrencies To Invest in for 2021

Yahoo Daily News 25 Apr 2021
For investors who want to avoid buying partial shares, this is a negative.2 ... Although Binance Coin’s commitment to maintaining a strong blockchain has won over many skeptics, some investors remain leery of this cryptocurrency and its potential security issues.4 ... As an investor, the smartest thing you can do is to stay abreast of market happenings.